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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Social Media vs Reality

talk about multiple personalities
Social media is on steroids yawl!!! almost everyone has an account somewhere, whether it be on facebook,twitter, myspace, the list is endless. Communication between people takes place mostly on social networks. This is a problem though because we not as close as we used to be with family and friends.

We have become so obsessed

With our gadgets that we miss out on life itself because our heads are forever buried in our cellphones,laptops,tablets etc...we need things like facebook reminders to help us remember birthdays of the people who are dear to us. We dont even buy each other presents or write cards cuz we know we can just send them a lousy sms or write something on their wall.

Our lives are slowly becoming insignificant and that is truly sad. I think Social Networking has become a 'religion' in a way, except this religion doesnt have a list of commandments and laws that people need to abide by.

Does Social Media have a positive side to it? Mos Def, it does,i mean, its doing extraordinary things for Big companies and brands. Companies use it for advertising and alota other things, which is great but cumon dudes and dudettes,we cant let it take over our lives ( which is highly inevitable).

...And parents just had to join in and spoil all the fun,like wow.Social Media or reality Whats it gonna be?